Soapbox Derby

Race Rules & Car Specifications

Soap Box Derby Registration Form – Click to Open

Race Rules

1. Soap box cars must meet the Construction and Safety Guidelines as described herein.

2. Participants MUST pre-register by September 8, 2017 Entries WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE

3. Your child must be born on or before August 31, 2011.

4. Participants must be available and ready on race day at the starting location at 9:00 am and remain available to race at any time until all of his/her races are finished. Participants who are not available when required to race may be eliminated from further competition. A listing of drivers will be posted.

5. Cars may be inspected prior to each race to ensure they are deemed safe for racing. Ruling by the inspectors shall not be challenged. Cars rejected by the inspector must be removed immediately from the starting location.

6. When racing, drivers must wear shoes and a helmet with chin strap.

7. The race judges’ decisions are final and shall not be contested.

8. By virtue of their paid-up registration, participants, or the parents or guardians of participant who are minors, have agreed to render harmless the Harriston Minto Agricultural Society Soap Box Derby and volunteers assisting with the Harriston Minto Agricultural Society Soap Box Derby and The Town of Minto of any consequences arising from participation in the derby.

Soapbox Cars

The design of the cars is up to the builders. Should you be fortunate enough to have access to a soapbox car stored and half-forgotten in a barn or attic somewhere, you may be able to use it but all cars for the Harriston Minto Agricultural Society Soap Box Derby must meet the specifications described herein. Builders should keep in mind that they should be built with the intended driver in mind.

Otherwise, contact Warren Grein @ 338-2363 if you would like a derby car kit ordered see  for kit details.  If enough requests eg 6 or more, kit cost is $75.00 vs $105.00 for single kit-a $35.00 savings.  I will require payment before I submit an order.

Trophies will be awarded to the winners.

BE CREATIVE …. Soap box cars will also be judged and awarded trophies in the following categories


*Most original paint design

 *Best novelty soap box car

*Overall best soap box car

* Safest

Best of luck!!

The Soap Box Derby is a community event in conjunction with the Harriston-Minto Fall Fair to bring family, businesses and the community together for a day of fun, exciting competition, a family project for 6 years of age & up, an opportunity to build and race your own race car, a unique program that encourages close adult-youth activities while building & racing a car.