We are currently looking for sponsors for our 2024 Fall Fair!

About Us

Dating back to 1859, the roots of the Harriston Minto Agricultural Society run deep into history. Our flagship event is the Harriston Minto Fall Fair, on the second weekend after Labour Day in September annually. This event is what started the Society, and has been an intrigual part of our community since its inception.

The Harriston-Minto Fair has always been a family event that brings agriculture into the spot light. A fun and casual place to learn about farming, animals and social/economical issues happening in our community.

The cost of organizing and promoting the fair is forever increasing, and therefore our reliance upon generous donations grows each year. We recognize that sponsors are major contributors to the success and future of our Fair, and your support and assistance is always greatly appreciated. This years theme is “Maple Trees & Honey Bees” hosted on September 13,14 & 15, 2024.

Why Sponsor the Fair?

1000+ people enter our gates to enjoy the sights and sounds of a small town fair. Our attendees come to learn about agriculture and culture from farm to table.

This year we will focus on incorporating food, agriculture and entertainment from around the world to honor our fair theme.

The fair provides a venue for collecting contact details and a casual setting to get in front of your customers to promote your product or service. By sponsoring the fair you help in raising awareness about agriculture and provide an enjoyable event for all ages and backgrounds.