Directors: Samantha Shannon-Gibson 519-327-2787, Jill MacLean 519-338-2787 Heather Schaus, Lindsay Cowan, Kelly Hallman


  1. Grades and ages as of January 1, 2022
  2. No entry fee will be charged
  3. All work must be done by the CHILD
  4. Only one entry per class per exhibitor 
  5. Use only WHITE TAG
  6. Entries may be made Thursday between 6:00pm and 8:00pm or Friday between 8:00am and 11:00am. All exhibits will be displayed in the hockey arena
  7. Child may exhibit in ONE age group ONLY
  8. For clarification of ideas see Pinterest.com
  9. Entries will be available for pick up after 3:30 pm on Sunday (there will be no admittance to arena surfaces until that time)

Prizes: $2.50, $2.25, $2.00, $1.75, $1.50, $1.25


3 YEARS OLD & UNDER – Mom & Dad Can Help
  • Using an Egg Carton, Gather 12 Different Fall Items You Found on a Walk – Display in Carton
  • Decorate a Paper Plate to Look Like a Watermelon
  • Use Cut Cereal to Make a Necklace
  • Handprint on 8.5 x11 Paper
  • Using your Finger Prints, Make Farm Animals
  • Draw a Picture of a Cowboy/Cowgirl, on 8.5 x 11 Paper
  • Make a Mud Pie, Must Be Dried!
  • Colouring Book Page, any Theme
  • Print Your Name, on 8.5 x 11 Paper
  • Do a Leaf Rubbing
  1. Draw A Bird Using Your Hand Print, on 8.5x 11 Paper
  2. Make a Tambourine or Instrument Using a Pie Plate
  3. Print “Denim”, on 8.5 x 11 Paper
  4. Paint a Rock to Look Like a Bug
  5. Decorate a Mason Jar
  6. Make a Paper Plate Ccarecrow
  7. Draw 4 People You Love and Label
  8. Make a Kleenex Box Monster
  9. Make an Egg Carton Flower
  10. Make a Paper Chain
  1. Paint a Leaf
  2. Using a Recycled Item, Make a Noise Maker
  3. Make an Item Out of a Paper Chain
  4. Fill a Mason Jar with Fall Items you Found on a Walk- Minimum 10 items.
  5. Make a Fall Leaf Sun Catcher- See Pinterest
  6. Print the Names of Your Family on 8.5 x 11”
  7. Make a Rainbow Using a Paper Plate
  8. Make a Picture from an Organic Item, eg. Potato, apple, pear etc
  9. Print “Flannel Shirts and Denim Skirts”
  10. Colour a Picture Provided in the Fair Book. download here
  1. Dip a Piece a String in One to Three Colours of Paint and Place on an 8.5 x 11 Sheet of Paper with Another 8.5 x11 Paper. Press together. Display Both Sheets of String Painting on One Large Sheet of Construction Paper.
  2. Find the Largest Maple Leaf, Mount on Paper
  3. Draw a Picture of Your Family. 8.5 x 11.
  4. Decorate a Hat Made From a Newspaper.
  5. Using Black Paper, Make Night Art Using Chalk.
  6. Make A Candy Apple Out of Construction Paper
  7. Make a Pizza Pie Using Any Medium.
  8. Make a Pipe Cleaner Person.
  9. Make an Animal Out of Pine Cones
  10. Print Your Grade One Teachers Name
  1. Paint a Tree, Using Broccoli as a Stamp, for the Leaves, on 8.5 x 11 Paper
  2. Make a Bookmark.
  3. Print “Harriston-Minto Fall Fair”.
  4. Draw and Create Your Own Family Crest
  5. Using a Battery Operated Tea Light Candle, Make a Firefly.
  6. Paint Three Rocks to Look Like Different Vegetables
  7. Use a Minimum of 3 Colours of Construction Paper to do a Weaving
  8. Make Monsters Doing Blow Art
  9. Make a Car or Tractor Using a Kleenex Box
  10. Craft of Choice
  1. Using an Old Box Make a Doll House, or a Barn – Can use any Medium to Decorate (max size 3’ x 3’)
  2. Print: Harriston-Minto Fall Fair Flannel Shirts and Denim Skirts
  3. Draw a Family Tree, Immediate Family Only
  4. Using Leaves and Paper Plate, Make a Wreath for the Door
  5. Draw a Picture Representing all Four Seasons
  6. Make your own Slime, Displayed in a Mason Jar
  7. Make an Elastic Sling Shot
  8. Create a Flower Arrangement in a Boot
  9. Using Oreo Cookies Design the Moon Phases (8)
    Display on a Paper Plate and Label
  10. Craft of Choice
  1. Using a Hair Dryer and Crayons, Create a Picture
  2. Draw a Family Tree with 3 Generations
  3. Make a Scarecrow Wearing a Flannel Shirt and/or Denim Skirt
  4. Create a Picture Harvesting of a Fall Crop
  5. Create a Picture of a Fruit Basket Using Pictures of Fruit from a Grocery Flyer
  6. A Display of Fall Colour Flowers Displayed in a Container
  7. A Photo of Yourself and a Special Family Member 4 x 6
    (child does not have to be photographer)
  8. Print This Poem
    Flannel by Kristine O’Connell George
    Red and blue plaid,
    Pockets with buttons,
    My camping shirt
    is flannel, worn soft,
    pine smells, campfire,
    forest moss.
    I keep it hidden
    In my bottom drawer
    Where no one will find it
    And wash away
    My memories.
  9. Cloud Dough – see pinterest.com
    Display on a Paper and Cover with Saran Wrap
  10. Craft of Choice
  1. Make a Pop-Up Greeting Card
  2. Colour a Picture From an “Adult” Colouring Book
  3. Make a Body Scrub, in a Pretty Container
  4. Make an Item out of a Recycled Piece of Flannel or Denim
  5. Make an Ocean in a Bottle – see pinterest.com
  6. Draw a Fire Safety Plan for your Home
  7. Make a Marionette Using Recycled Goods
  8. Drill Spinning Art – see pinterest.com
  9. Make a Sunflower –using seeds
  10. Craft of Choice