Canning & Preserves – Section 11

Convenor: Jackie Scholton 519-781-3145 e:
Doris Jean Clyne, Alice Douglas, Bev May, Emily Sinclair, Linda Campbell, Ellen Weber


  1. All canning must be in sealed pint jars or metric equivalent, or 1.2 pint jars except jams & jelly may be in smaller jars.
  2. No wax, no food colouring and please use new lids.

Entries may be made Thursday between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM or Friday between 8:00AM and 11:00AM. Entries must be picked up Sunday between 3:30PM and 4:30PM.

Prizes: 1st-$ 4.00, 2nd– 3.50, 3rd– 3.00

*Items with a star (first place items) are retained and placed in the Red Ribbon Basket. An additional $2.00 prize money for those winners.


  1. Homemade  Salad Dressing with vinegar, cooked
  2. Homemade Salad Dressing, non cooked variety  NEW
  3. Chili Sauce without fruit*
  4. Chutney (exhibitors choice, labeled)
  5. Pasta Sauce (tomato)
  6. Pickled Beets
  7. Nine Day Pickles
  8. Bread and Butter Pickles*
  9. Hot Dog Relish
  10. Salsa Sauce, mild, cooked
  11. Zucchini Relish*
  12. Dill Pickles*
  13. Icicle Pickles
  14. Mustard Pickles
  15. Canned Tomatoes
  16. TOPS  (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Special Sponsored By Chapter #ON4913 Harriston
    Homemade Ketchup
    Prizes: 1st $10.00, 2nd $8.00, 3rd $6.00
  17. Strawberries*
  18. Peaches
  19. Pears
  20. Applesauce, no spice
  21. Red Cherries
  22. Peaches and Pears
  23. Peach Jam, no Jell-O or other fruit
  24. Strawberry Jam,  cooked
  25. Raspberry, cooked jam*
  26. Rhubarb jam, no Jell-O
  27. Black Currant Jam
  28. Marmalade*
  29. Apple Jelly
  30. Red Pepper Jelly*
  31. Green Tomato Mincemeat NEW
  32. Barbecue Sauce
  33. Liquid Honey
  34. Maple Syrup            
  1. Peach Jam
  2. Strawberry Jam
  1. Best of Show, classes 1-36
    Prize: $30.00 gift certificate
  2. Jam and Jelly Contest
    Enter your favorite jelly or jam (not already listed in the prize list) made with Bernardin Fruit Pectin product. Judging will be based on appearance, taste and texture. Proof of purchase must accompany entry. Bernardin lids only.
    Prize: $20.00 gift certificate
  3. Bernardin Gift Pack
    Sharing your canning talents with friends in a gift pack form not necessarily a basket – must contain no less than 3 mason jars sealed with Bernardin lids. Other accessories to be used to make a gift. Any theme (holiday, get well, etc.) Judged on creativity and appearance
    Prize: $20.00 gift certificate