Changing Things Up At The 2017 Harriston-Minto Fall Fair

Good  things are happening at the Harriston-Minto Fall Fair on September 15, 16 and 17.  Besides all the new attractions, exhibits and trade show participants will be ready for viewing as usual Friday at 6 pm.  The fair will officially open Friday at 7 pm in the Main Arena followed by the popular pie and pork auctions and the Lawn Mower Races outside at the derby site.   In the auditorium, Val E. Joy  will be entertaining the youngsters with her clown show.  

New on Saturday will be a Ball Hockey tournament for ages 8-10, 11-13 and 14-16.  Also new is the Bubbleology Show, Movie Night at the Crown Theatre for the children and for the adults,  local band Big Wheels will be entertaining at Pub Night in the auditorium.

After your Sunday morning Breakfast at the Fair, enjoy the Soap Box Derby taking place on main street downtown Harriston with assistance from the Wellington Jr. Farmers, Kinsmen and Minto Youth Action Council.  The popular Demolition Derby will also be running that afternoon.  More information and registration forms can be found on our website at  

The most significant change at this year’s fair is that there will be no midway.  In past years different midway companies have been invited to set up at our event at no cost to the Ag. Society.  Up until 2016, the Harriston-Minto Ag. Society received a small percentage of midway profits for allowing them to attend our event.  As operation costs have increased , midway owners make less profit at small fairs.  It is now a very common practice for other Ag. Societies to pay thousands of dollars to have a midway at their fair.  Few people realize that these midways then take even more thousands of dollars out of the community from ticket sales.  This year, the board of Harriston-Minto Ag. Society has chosen to fund a variety of bouncy castles geared for different ages.  For the purchase of a bracelet, a child will be able to have unlimited access to all age appropriate castles for the day.  Hopefully this will ease some of the expense for families and increase the enjoyment of attending our fair.  Revenue from bracelet sales will help offset the expense of this entertainment.

Yet another change will be the Sunday Car Show.  The cars will be on display under the trees and on pavement where the midway used to be set up.  The castles will be on grass inside the ball diamond all day Saturday and Sunday.  More information about  this year’s Harriston-Minto Fall Fair can be found in our fair book, on our website at, on our face book page, twitter account, or call our Secretary at 519-338-5566 or President at 519-327-8053.


So, mark your calendar for September 15, 16 and 17 and come to the Fair.  There’s something for everyone at the Harriston-Minto Fall Fair.