1. Individuals entering items for competition must be a member of the Harriston-Minto Agricultural Society. The membership fee is $5.00. An exhibitor’s first year membership is free, and an exhibitor number will be issued at this time. Five dollars will be retained from each exhibitor’s total prize money for the next year’s membership payment. If the winnings are over $15.00, an additional 10% will be retained on the whole amount. Due to administrative costs, no cheque will be issued for prize winnings totaling less than $5.00.
  2. The Treasurer shall be prepared to issue cheques for prize money as soon as possible after the Fair. Prize winners are requested to cash their cheques promptly. Cheques not received by the RBC Royal Bank by November 30 of each year will be VOID. All such cheques will be considered a donation to this Society.
  3. All indoor exhibits must be in place by 11:00am on the first day of the fair in order to compete. Judging starts at 1:00pm. Exhibits will be accepted on Thursday evening from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.
  4. Exhibits shall be removed between 3:30 – 4:30 pm of the third day of the fair. Violation of this rule nullifies any responsibility of the Society.
  5. Children entering items in adult classes must pay the $5.00 membership fee and receive an adult exhibitor number unless otherwise stipulated. Adult class winnings Rule #1 will apply. School sections, Junior Fair and 4-H are exempt.
  6. All livestock, produce or other articles entered for competition must be owned or created by the person entering the item, unless otherwise specified.
  7. All samples of field crops, grain, seed, roots, fruit and garden produce must have been grown in the present season, on land occupied or rented by the person entering it.
  8. Individuals may enter only one item in each class. This rule applies to all kinds of crops, grains, vegetables, produce, fruit, manufactured articles, art, photography, sewing, baking, crafts, pets, cattle and horses unless otherwise specified.
  9. Where prizes are given on points, first place will count 3 points, second place 2 points and third place 1 point. 
  10. Judges decisions will be final. 
  11. In all cases where disputes have arisen and have been deferred to the directors, the decision of the directors will be final. Any and all protests must be made in writing and must state plainly the cause of the complaint and shall be delivered to the president or secretary before 4:00pm on the last day of the Fair. The sum of $25.00 will be deposited with the secretary in the case of each protest, to be forfeited if the protest is not sustained.
  12. Any persons who attempts to interfere with the judges or officers of the association while in discharge of their duties may be immediately removed from the grounds. Abusive actions or language will not be tolerated and removal from the grounds may result. Prizes to which such an individual would be entitled may be forfeited with the possibility of disqualification from competing at the society’s shows for one or more years, at the discretion of the directors.
  13. Women’s Institute members and groups may enter the fair as a unit under the same ruling as individuals. The prize money will be the property of the said group. Rule #1 applies.
  14. Conveners in charge of any department have the authority to remove any article they consider not fit to be on exhibition.
  15. No animal suffering a contagious disease will be admitted to the grounds, or if admitted through an oversight, upon discovery of same, it shall be removed.
  16. In the case of unfavourable weather, the Board of Directors reserve the right to call off the entire show or any portion thereof, or in the case of financial difficulties, to pay $0.75 on the dollar.
  17. For cattle being trailered into the fair, one vehicle with driver and one other person may enter for free. Horse trailers with one vehicle, driver and two other people may enter for free. Demolition cars may be trailered into the grounds with one vehicle and one driver for free.
  18. All persons being in or upon the grounds of the Harriston-Minto Agricultural Society during the fair are hereby notified and warned that the Society will not be responsible for any accidents that occur during said days of the exhibition to persons, animals or personal property. All attending the show do so at their own risk. The Society will not hold itself liable for any accidents happening at the fair. Every officer and Director shall be indemnified during execution of the work of the Society.
  19. See indicated sections for additional rules in Homecraft, Horse Show, Open Cattle Show and Field Crop Competitions.
  20. Livestock exhibitors and vendors are responsible for their own liability insurance and shall be prepared to show proof of coverage.
  21. The Society regrets any errors or omissions in the prize book but cannot accept any responsibility or offer compensation.
  22. The Society will not be responsible for any printing or other errors in this prize list. The Society Board Directors reserve the right at any time to cancel this prize list and will not be held responsible for the payment of prize money if circumstances beyond their control should arise.
  23. Information collected by the Agricultural Society regarding members, exhibitors, commercial exhibitors, sponsors, directors and any other persons related directly to the business of the Agricultural Society and the fair, are for the maintenance on their files and data base. Names maybe published for these reasons only. None of this information will be sold or transferred to any outside party for any reason.
  24. Precautions will be taken to secure the safety of articles submitted to the fair event for showing. Articles are exhibited at the owners own risk. Should any article be accidentally injured, lost or stolen, the Agricultural Society will assist in the recover but will not make any payment for the value thereof. Exhibitors are responsible for the delivery and removal of entries from the fair. (See Rules #3 and #4).