On National Quilting Day, our Advanced Sewing & Needlework List is Out!

Harriston-Minto Fall Fair
2019 Advance Sewing & Needlework

To print the list click here: Print List
1. Exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor unless otherwise stated.
2. Articles may be shown one year only, except for quilt tops, which may be shown as a completed quilt the second year. Judges have been authorized to disqualify all soiled or old work.
3. Name quilt pattern and designer (if known)
4. Hand/Machine Quilted Quilts must be at least 823 cm (324”) perimeter to go to the O.A.A.S quilt competition.
5. Judging begins at 1 pm Friday
6. Each quilt entry (class 1-11) must show, on back of entry tag, the name of the person (s) making quilt top and the name of the person(s) doing the quilting. Failure to do so will disqualify entry.

Hand Quilted
Please note quilt size in rules.
1. Quilt, pieced
2. Quilt, hand appliquéd
3. Quilt, pieced and appliquéd
4. Quilt, strip pieced “top in a day” type
5. Quilt, any type not mentioned above
6. Quilt, any technique,Completely done by exhibitor
7. Quilt, Perimeters: minimum 635 cm (250″) maximum 812 cm (320″)
Machine quilted
Please note quilt size in rules.
8. Quilt, pieced
9. Quilt, pieced & appliqued
10. Quilt, any other technique
11. Quilt, Perimeters: minimum 635 cm (250″) maximum 812 cm (320″)
12. Grand Champion Quilt (hand Quilted)
13. Reserve Champion Quilt (hand Quilted)
14. Grand Champion Quilt (machine Quilted)
15. Reserve Champion Quilt (machine Quilted)

Quilt tops in classes 16-19 Perimeter: minimum 823 cm (324″).
16. Pieced quilt top
17. Pieced quilt top (quilt in a day type)
18. Hand appliqued quilt top, Purchased panel plus borders
19. Quilt top, any kind not mentioned above
20. Miniature quilt – hand or machine quilt, Perimeter: maximum 243 cm (96″) maximum
21. Child’s bed cover, tied, Perimeter: minimum 92 cm x 114 cm (36″ x 45″)
22. Child’s bed quilt-hand quilted, Purchased panel or fabric by the yard (ie. animals, tractors), minimum 92 cm x 114 cm (36″ x 45″)
23. Child’s bed quilt-machine quilted, Purchased panel or fabric by the yard (ie. animals, tractors), minimum 92 cm x 114 cm (36″ x 45″)
24. Adult bib apron
25. Article/outfit of clothing for a man/women/child, No aprons
26. Table runner using fair theme, Minimum 76 cm (30″) long
27. Table runner, using a seasonal theme, Minimum 76 cm (30″) long
28. Placemats (1 pair) using fair theme
29. Cushion (1) pieced top
30. Pillowcases (1 pair)
31. Sewn zippered cosmetic bag
32. Pot holders (1 pair)
33. Quilt blocks (2), Each using a different technique. Minimum 20 cm block (8″) Name techniques used
34. Wall Hanging, hand quilted, Perimeter: maximum 305 cm (120″)
35. Wall hanging, machine quilted, Perimeter: maximum 305 cm (120″)
36. Larry & Betty Henry Special, 1 finished article with paper piecing to be part of the project

37. Knitted, ripple pattern
38. Knitted, not ripple pattern
39. Crocheted, ripple pattern
40. Crocheted, not ripple pattern
41. Baby, Minimum 91 cm x 114 cm (30″ x 36″)

42. Sweater, adult
43. Sweater, child/baby
44. Hat
45. Scarf
46. Mitts (1 pair)
47. Slippers (1 pair)
48. Boot cuffs (1pair)
49. Dish cloth (2) each with a different design

50. Tote bag
51. Sweater, child or baby
52. Hat
53. Scarf
54. Mitts (1 pair)
55. Dish cloths (2), each with a different pattern
56. Slippers (1 pair)
57. Coffee cup sleeve

58. Lap cover; knitted, crocheted or sewn, Approx. 91 cm x 101 cm (36″ x 40″)
59. Terry towel wipe; your choice of top
60. Pet outfit; knitted, crocheted or sewn, include photo of pet wearing outfit
61. Children’s toy, knitted, crocheted or sewn
62. Jewelry item, sewn or needlework
63. Coasters (1 set of 4) knitted, crocheted or sewn
64. Christmas stocking; knitted, crocheted or sewn
65. “Remodeled/recycled” article
66. Snuggle family room blanket (fleece or flannel-backed)
67. Doll dress; knitted, crocheted or sewn

Community Service Special
68. In memory of Maxine Heise, Mitts, scarves or hats for Christmas hampers.

We Challenge You!
69. Placemats (2)
We will provide you with a swatch of fabric. Make 2 co-ordinated placemats (same or different pattern) using as much or as little of the provided fabric as you like. Enter your placemats in the 2019 Anniversary Fair with no entry fee. Contact Betty Tarr 519-338-2043 as soon as possible to register & receive your fabric. Limited supplies available, register soon.